Sharing insights on health and wellness, with a focus toward holistic therapies. My love for Cranio-Sacral Reflexology is our cornerstone throughout the time we spend together. Always striving to provide information on ways to care for your physical health, emotional well-being and mental clarity!

Learn more about how Cranio-Sacral Reflexology can help your brain! Explaining how and why this form of bodywork can be helpful, especially when it comes to the PTSD some may be experiencing related to the Pandemic.

Join me as I have a cup of tea and chat with a dear friend, colleague and mentor. Hazel is a person whom I believe balances listening and using the power of words to make a difference in the lives of many … Hazel Newsom is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist located here in Olympia WA! 


“A calmness without winds” - something we can have in our lives everyday!

Welcome to the Balanced Bodycare Podcast ... Lighting a candle.

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